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just had a big YOU SHOULD DO A READING twinge as i was getting ready for bed, so I pulled them out, and while shuffling one fell out, one refused to leave my hand, and one stuck out at a bizarre angle
and all three basically were yelling at me for beating myself up about nano
I am very much looking forward to this nano being over tbqh

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I really, truly hate my body.


And I don't mean that in an 'I'm horrifically ugly and no one will ever love me' sense because clearly that would be incorrect. But I'm just tired of the bullshit I have to go through to pretend to be a normal person.


In the last month, my anxiety has fucked with plans, I've been depressed, my GI fuckery has been all over the map because I've been too depressed to feed myself properly and too stressed about NaNo to either treat myself properly or be a proper ML, and everyone knows I'm dropping the ball and augh why did I do this to myself

and then on top of that which is worse than it should be because of aforementioned mental health crap, my back is reacting super badly to the hurricane and the changing weather, and so my normal 4 on the pain scale has been consistently up at an 8 or a 9, to the point where it's interfering with my life (I had to leave the writing session on Friday early so I didn't start crying due to back pain in the middle of the Starbucks) and


blaaaaaargh this is my life the last little while aren't you all glad I don't post here very often anymore

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So I got a job singing at a church nearby (Timothy Eaton Memorial) - getting paid a surprisingly cushy amount to be section lead in their choir and their baritenor soloist. Kiiiind of ridiculously pleased. It's on a provisionary basis starting in September, but at the same time? They've had this position open for months and have had three auditions including people who have a music performance degree in voice. My peers are gonna include mostly masters voice students. They're fully aware I've never done post-secondary studies for voice (or even really for music). I am flipping the fuck out that I got this, you have no idea.

Also I have an audition that sounds like I'm pretty much a shoe-in for for the Canadian Men's Chorus on Monday evening, which should be fun. Need to go over Song for the Mira a bunch, but I'm not nearly as worried for that one as I was for the church gig.

Assuming that I'm kept on at TEMC and that I get into CMC, this is what my schedule's gonna look like starting mid-September:

Sunday: Church 11am until I'm assuming about 1pm. Possibly D&D afterwards.
Monday: Work 9-5. Possibly D&D afterwards. (Not sure how this is going to work yet.)
Tuesday: Work 9-5. Band 7-9:30 (I'm renting an open-holed flute, it sounds so nice you guys)
Wednesday: Work 9-5. Choir 7-10 (Canadian Men's Chorus)
Thursday: Work 9-5. Choir evening (not sure when/how long yet, TEMC)
Friday: Work 9-5. Either nothing or OFAR/writing session in the evening.
Saturday: That whole "being social" crap and/or sleeping and/or cleaning around the house.

The nicest thing about the TEMC thing though is that if I save what I make from that, it'll cover my tuition for when I go back to school hopefully next September (when I will likely be cutting out a lot of the rest of that stuff to make room for class, although I'm hoping to do as much of it online as I can), and then otherwise help me pay off my debt.

SO YEAH. Busy Drew is as always busy but this is going to be entirely music and I am looking forward to this so much. I never realize how much I miss music until I get back into it.

OH ALSO I finished my one-page summary of Grayscale, which you can read here if you want (it is obviously spoileriffic). :D It's unfortunately dry because argh trying to keep it as close to 250 words as possible, but. Summaries are difficult. Any help will be vastly appreciated!

Okay, life dump is over because I'm waking up at 9:30 tomorrow lalalala
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So this happened. :D

I actually really like it - it's only a couple shades more red than I am naturally, and it works with my skin tone well.
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Movers are booked, elevator's booked (augh 9am on Sunday augh but at least we'll have the afternoon to settle in? I hope to hell we're done by noon, I do not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on moving), Rogers is booked to come by Monday midday to hook up internet (but I'm stealing Leah's for Sunday).

Current list of places I need to update with new address:

TD, RBC, BMO (I have dealings with too many gorram banks)
CRA (because I want to actually be able to file online this year, dammit)
Starbucks (because woo free drink on my birthday~)
Toronto Zoo

I can't figure out who else has my information except places that deliver to me, but I can change those as I use them again. Hrm. Any ideas who I might be missing? :|
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So yesterday was kind of a wash. I napped and read (a lot of each) but that's about it. I went to the doctor's office to look into what's wrong with my foot, and discovered that it's a problem with my back (and the sciatic nerve being super-sensitive because of my back injury and a couple other things). So that's always fun. But by the time I got back home, my back was in so much pain that I couldn't sit upright, so I took a half sick-day and slept it off as much as I could. Mostly feeling better now, thankfully.

So today, I've drawn, knitted, and written. (And I'm actually starting to mostly feel good about my drawings! Out of the six I've done, I'm actually willing to show off four of them! Though I haven't scanned them yet and I'm sure once they're scanned I'll be going OH GOD NO I CAN'T SHOW ANYONE THAT, but...)

I'm still not feeling in top form, either. I was planning on getting to my doctor to talk about anti-anxiety meds, but I think I'm going to wait until my more physical ailments are under control again and see how I'm doing on the anxiety front then. It's definitely correlated, so. And staying home means I can sleep in a bit tonight, do more of the me-time things tomorrow, and not need to worry about it. And maybe I can clean, too. Which is one of those should-be-done-daily things, but I'm not putting it on the me-time list because ugh. And it tends to hurt my back. :(

Bedtime for Drew. I need to get better physically so that I can get better mentally.
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For a day where my plans were 'play D&D all afternoon', this was actually a really good day as far as my daily checklist was concerned. Managed to knit, draw, write, and read. Came to a couple realizations today during my 750words, and oh man is that a good minddump thing. But now I know what my next plan is for writing!


Also, everything is Animorphs, all the time. My art has been Animorphs for a while, it's what I'm reading and considering writing fics for...

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