Drew Beaudoin (bdoing) wrote,
Drew Beaudoin

So yesterday was kind of a wash. I napped and read (a lot of each) but that's about it. I went to the doctor's office to look into what's wrong with my foot, and discovered that it's a problem with my back (and the sciatic nerve being super-sensitive because of my back injury and a couple other things). So that's always fun. But by the time I got back home, my back was in so much pain that I couldn't sit upright, so I took a half sick-day and slept it off as much as I could. Mostly feeling better now, thankfully.

So today, I've drawn, knitted, and written. (And I'm actually starting to mostly feel good about my drawings! Out of the six I've done, I'm actually willing to show off four of them! Though I haven't scanned them yet and I'm sure once they're scanned I'll be going OH GOD NO I CAN'T SHOW ANYONE THAT, but...)

I'm still not feeling in top form, either. I was planning on getting to my doctor to talk about anti-anxiety meds, but I think I'm going to wait until my more physical ailments are under control again and see how I'm doing on the anxiety front then. It's definitely correlated, so. And staying home means I can sleep in a bit tonight, do more of the me-time things tomorrow, and not need to worry about it. And maybe I can clean, too. Which is one of those should-be-done-daily things, but I'm not putting it on the me-time list because ugh. And it tends to hurt my back. :(

Bedtime for Drew. I need to get better physically so that I can get better mentally.
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