Drew Beaudoin (bdoing) wrote,
Drew Beaudoin

planet_x_zero was being a troll in a recent-ish sf_drama post, and I responded (probably after they were banned) with "I'm so glad that sf-d actually bans assholes like you. You're a vile human being."

So just now, they sent me a message:

"I'm so glad that sf-d actually bans assholes like you. You're a vile human being."

Forgive the late response, I was having heterosexual intercourse with a person in real life over the holiday weekend and didn't have time to reply. From what I gather, you are a youngish homosexual, and Canadian. To the latter I'll only say yours is generally a nation of oversensitive pansies.

To the former, I will be praying to the lord baby jesus that you will be cured of your "vile" gay disease.

Do you think I actually believe that? - I don't. I support gay marriage, gay rights, and am agnostic. But how many people still consider gays, blacks, jews, etc "vile"?

Is a half-joking blistering political grouping of words truly vile? Or is it vile for a group of people - who's freedoms have traditionally been ruthlessly vilified - only too quick to turn around and deny the freedoms of others? Can you think of a more grotesque hypocrisy?

As long as it applies to your little corner of the world it's ok, isn't that it? Except it's not. That's not why the system works, however flawed. The ACLU has defended the free speech of the Klu Klux Klan. If you can't understand why, you have no right to live in a free society. Your problem is not being gay as people have idiotically believed for centuries - it's ignorance about freedom, expression, liberty - and a complete lack of guts. Censorship - and fear of words, not deeds - is more vile than than any insult, serious or not.

Now go ahead and hit the block button.

So I'm just sitting here laughing because they think that I was responding only to their trolling on that particular post, not them showing their sphincter all over AMA as well. Also because they're basically saying that marginalized groups acting out against their oppressors is worse than continuing to oppress marginalized groups.

Also I will never understand the viewpoint of free speech being the #1 most important thing in the world. I'm glad that the Westboro Baptist Church isn't allowed across the border, and anyone who tried that shit here would be resoundingly shut down. Completely free speech with absolutely no restrictions on hate speech does nothing but support institutionalized oppression. But that's a rant for another day. :P

(I am amused that they clearly think that only the US is truly ~free~. Sure. Let's go with that.)
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