Drew Beaudoin (bdoing) wrote,
Drew Beaudoin

So I got a job singing at a church nearby (Timothy Eaton Memorial) - getting paid a surprisingly cushy amount to be section lead in their choir and their baritenor soloist. Kiiiind of ridiculously pleased. It's on a provisionary basis starting in September, but at the same time? They've had this position open for months and have had three auditions including people who have a music performance degree in voice. My peers are gonna include mostly masters voice students. They're fully aware I've never done post-secondary studies for voice (or even really for music). I am flipping the fuck out that I got this, you have no idea.

Also I have an audition that sounds like I'm pretty much a shoe-in for for the Canadian Men's Chorus on Monday evening, which should be fun. Need to go over Song for the Mira a bunch, but I'm not nearly as worried for that one as I was for the church gig.

Assuming that I'm kept on at TEMC and that I get into CMC, this is what my schedule's gonna look like starting mid-September:

Sunday: Church 11am until I'm assuming about 1pm. Possibly D&D afterwards.
Monday: Work 9-5. Possibly D&D afterwards. (Not sure how this is going to work yet.)
Tuesday: Work 9-5. Band 7-9:30 (I'm renting an open-holed flute, it sounds so nice you guys)
Wednesday: Work 9-5. Choir 7-10 (Canadian Men's Chorus)
Thursday: Work 9-5. Choir evening (not sure when/how long yet, TEMC)
Friday: Work 9-5. Either nothing or OFAR/writing session in the evening.
Saturday: That whole "being social" crap and/or sleeping and/or cleaning around the house.

The nicest thing about the TEMC thing though is that if I save what I make from that, it'll cover my tuition for when I go back to school hopefully next September (when I will likely be cutting out a lot of the rest of that stuff to make room for class, although I'm hoping to do as much of it online as I can), and then otherwise help me pay off my debt.

SO YEAH. Busy Drew is as always busy but this is going to be entirely music and I am looking forward to this so much. I never realize how much I miss music until I get back into it.

OH ALSO I finished my one-page summary of Grayscale, which you can read here if you want (it is obviously spoileriffic). :D It's unfortunately dry because argh trying to keep it as close to 250 words as possible, but. Summaries are difficult. Any help will be vastly appreciated!

Okay, life dump is over because I'm waking up at 9:30 tomorrow lalalala
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